Waking Ned starring Ian Bannen and David Kelly

Waking Ned (1997)

Jackie O’Shea and Michael O’Sullivan are two life long friends who have talent for getting into mischief. Big believers in luck and dreams, the two have long obsessed over winning the national lottery. In their sleepy cosy Irish village, even a wee jackpot would go a long, long way.

So it is with great excitement that they read in the city newspaper that someone in their village possesses a winning ticket. They figure it should be easy to sniff out the winner - in such a small town no one can keep a secret and it should be a breeze to convince the winner to share his or her winnings with such good friends as Jackie and Michael.
Glynis Murray, Richard Holmes, and Neil Peplow
Kirk Jones
Ian Bannen, David Kelly, James Nesbitt, Fionnula Flanagan, Vince Regan, Susan Lynch
August / September 1997

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