Sons and Lovers starring Sarah Lancashire

Sons and Lovers (2002)

The refined, intelligent Gertrude falls passionately in love with a handsome Nottinghamshire miner, Walter Morel. But as the sexual attraction fades, the puritanical Gertrude ends up resenting the hard drinking, inarticulate Walter. After the death of her eldest son William, Gertrude pours all her love and frustrated ambition into her relationship with her second son Paul. Then Paul finally falls in love with the intense, sensitive Miriam Leivers and in lust with the passionate older Clara Dawes. His own adolescent confusion only made worse by his mother’s over-protectiveness..

And so an unspoken battle begins between mother and son as Paul struggles to make his own way in the world. Based on D H Lawrence’s semi-autobiographical novel, “Sons and Lovers” compellingly explores the confusion of first love and first sex.
Suzan Harrison
Stephen Whittaker
Sarah Lancashire, Hugo Speer, Rupert Evans, Keeley Forsyth
April / May 2002

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