Jack Hartley and Helen Smith in Rocket's Island

Rocket’s Island (2012)

In the heart of the Isle of Man, surrounded by the Irish Sea, is one hundred and sixty-seven hectares of up and down land that has its own wood, stream and cave. Above, the sky is blacker and the stars brighter than anywhere on the mainland, and far beneath long-abandoned lead mines bob and weave for miles around. The island is a haven where children with all sorts of difficulties and backgrounds can finally feel free. It may not be the biggest land mass, but this place is Rocket’s universe – this is.. Rocket's Island.
Lesley Douglas, Tony Wood, Steve Christian, Tim Compton
Dirk Campbell
Debra Stephenson, Anthony Flanagan, Mark Moraghan
July / August 2012

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Knockaloe Farm

Knockaloe Beg Farm Bed and Breakfast, Isle of Man

Knockaloe is a large farm area, used during WWI as an internment camp by the British Army to situate foreign nationals living in Britain. Austrian dancer and gymnast Josef Pilates…

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