Revolver (2005)

Jake Green is a hotshot gambler who has taken in so much money over the years, he is the only client of his accountant and older brother Billy. Jake is expected to lose to Dorothy Macha, a crime boss and local casino owner who can't play for squat, but always wins because people are too scared to lose to him. Jake isn't afraid of Macha, and not only beats Dorothy in a quick game of chance, but takes every possible opportunity to insult the man. Macha puts out the order for a hit on Jake, who ends up working for and being protected by a cryptic pair of brothers, Avi and Zack, who are out to take Macha down.
Virginie Silla, Pierre Spengler
Guy Ritchie
Andre 3000, Jason Statham, Ray Liotta
November / December 2004

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Douglas, Isle of Man

Douglas is the capital and largest town of the Isle of Man, with a population of 28,939 people (2011). It is located at the mouth of the River Douglas, and…

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