Relative Values starring Julie Andrews, Colin Firth and Stephen Fry

Relative Values (1999)

The Countess of the beautiful Marshwood estate awaits with dread the return home of her son and his bride-to-be, a famous Hollywood actress. But a former lover-both on screen and off-also arrives in hopes of reclaiming her.

To everyone’s surprise and amusement, the pretentious actress turns out to be the estranged sister of the Countess’ personal maid. Chaos ensues at Marshwood and the ‘Relative Values’ of an intransigent post-war class system are hilariously exposed.
Chris Milburn
Eric Styles
Julie Andrews, William Baldwin, Stephen Fry, Colin Firth, JeanneTripplehorn, Sophie Thompson, Stephanie Beacham, Edward Atterton
July / September 1999

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