Paranoid starring Jessica Alba

Paranoid (1999)

Chloe, a rising young fashion model, is anxious for a break from her hectic schedule and a series of unexplained, anonymous phonecalls. When her new boyfriend invites her to spend a weekend in the country with his former band members, she jumps at the chance. The quiet weekend away rapidly degenerates following the unexpected arrival of his wife and Chloe is left stranded in a remote mansion with a group of people she doesn’t know. Trapped, miles from anywhere, Chloe finds the people she fears most become her allies, whilst those she trusts are the most dangerous of all.
Paul Trijbits, Gareth Neame
John Duigan
Jeanne Tripplehorn, Iain Glen, Ewen Bremner, Kevin Whately
May 1999

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