Owd Bob starring James Cromwell

Owd Bob (1997)

Adapted for the Isle of Man, where sheep herding is the main occupation and a man’s dog can truly be his best, even only friend. Here, the Moore dogs of Kenmuir are a family’s heritage, their pride and joy. Money cannot buy one, nor even love, for a man who owns a Moore dog would sooner sell his own child as part with it to a stranger. Their own prized dog ‘Owd Bob’, so named because of a white patch on his head. ‘Owd Bob’ is actually a young dog, not fully tested, but the son of champion herder ‘Battle’, and a potential champion himself.
Pieter Kroonenburg, Julie Allan, Harry Alan Towers and John Buchanan
Rodney Gibbons
James Cromwell, Colm Meaney, Jemima Rooper and Dylan Provencher
April / May 1997

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