The Tamworth Two starring Kevin Whately

Legend of the Tamworth Two (2003)

The Legend of the Tamworth Two is based on real events in England in 1998, when two Tamworth pigs escaped the village slaughterhouse and went on the run. The following weeks saw the story become national news as the media weaved increasingly fanciful stories around the two animals. They were eventually found in a field and currently reside in an animal sanctuary.

In this version of the story, we follow the two pigs on a quest to find their mother in Tamworth, pursued by their owner and an ineffectual but well meaning cop who has teamed up with his girlfriend, an ambitious journalist. The story combines the universal elements of fairytale with a subtle satire on the media. During the course of the tale we meet such characters as Wolf, a mysterious ‘pig-catcher’ and a romantically inclined sow..
Matthew Bird
Metin Huseyin
Kevin Whatley, Chris Langham, Darren Boyd, Emma Pierson, Rafe Spall, Gerard Horan
September / October 2003

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