Peter O'Toole in Lassie

Lassie (2005)

Pn the eve of WWII, in the small Yorkshire mining town of Greenhall Bridge, Lassie lives with nine-year-old Joe Carraclough and his parents. An extraordinary and strikingly beautiful Collie, Lassie is well known locally, not least by the local mine owner, the Duke of Rudling; a wealthy aristocrat with a passion for champion dogs and for getting his own way. When the mine is closed down and Sam Carraclough, Joe’s father, is thrown out of work he can no longer afford to rebuff the Duke's offers and to the horror of his family, he is forced to sell Lassie.
Ed Guiney, Francesca Barra
Charles Sturridge
Peter O’Toole, Samantha Morton, John Lynch, Kelly McDonald, Steve Pemberton
June / July 2005

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