Gabriel and Me

Gabriel and Me (2000)

Gabriel and Me is a heart warming comic fantasy, set in the North of England, about life seen through the eyes of an eleven year old boy.

Obsessed by becoming an angel and solving the mysteries of the cosmos, Jimmy Spud meets and is befriended by the Angel Gabriel (played by Billy Connolly). Dressed in his feather-covered costume Jimmy dramatically saves a young scout from drowning. The same costume disturbs Jimmy’s father (played by Iain Glen) who is worried his boy is growing up to become a “pervert”. Jimmy’s angelic aspirations are just not understood by his long-suffering family.

Things get worse when Jimmy’s dad is diagnosed with lung cancer. Mum, dad, granddad and Jimmy all deal with the sad news in their own ways. The Spud’s need a small miracle to make things better..
Marc Samuelson, Peter Samuelson
Udayan Prasad
Billy Connolly, Rosie Rowell, Iain Glen, Sean Landless, David Bradley
June / July 2000

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