Everybody Loves Sunshine starring Goldie and David Bowie

Everybody Loves Sunshine (1998)

Two sleek black Jaguars cruise through the city, loud beats pumping from the sound system. People turn to stare. They have all been waiting for this day: families and enemies alike. The warlords are out and ready to take control. In the Pepperhill Estate an ongoing battle rages between Triads and street gangs, fuelled by a quest for wealth, power, territory and respect but resulting only in violence.
Joanne Reay, Simon Johnson, Guy Collins
Andrew Goth
Goldie, David Bowie, Rachel Shelley, Andrew Goth
February / March 1998

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Rushen Mines

Glen Rushen Road, Isle of Man

Ruins of Mining works, including a furnace smoke tower. Could be used in period films. Very stark and dramatic against the surrounding heathland.

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