Darkness Falls starring Ray Winstone and Sherilyn Fenn

Darkness Falls (1997)

The Driscolls have a lifestyle to be envied: successful, rich and glamorous, but there is a down side. Mark Driscoll (Tim Dutton) is returning home from a business trip to close a financial deal that evening with his bank manager, a deal that could save his life. Whilst his household is preparing an extravagant feast, somebody is watching the Driscoll mansion. Fastidiously, obsessively noting down the movements of the staff, he lets his binoculars rest on the alluring Sally Driscoll (Sherilyn Fenn).
Alan Latham, Clifford Haydn-Tovey and James Gibb
Gerry Lively
Ray Winstone, Sherrilyn Fenn, Tim Dutton, Michael Praed
September / October 1997

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