Colour Me Kubrick starring John Malkovich

Colour Me Kubrick (2004)

Alan Conway was a middle-aged Londonder who neither looked like nor sounded like Stanley Kubrick. Indeed he knew very little about Kubrick, or his films and yet this was no impediment to him assuming Kubrick's identity over a period of years for pecuniary and sexual gain.

Conway had a very lengthy petty criminal record – burglary, kiting cheques, fraud, embezzlement and importuning. He was married briefly, a momentary heterosexual blip in an otherwise exclusively (and predatory) homosexual life. He survived on his wits and social benefits aside from starting a travel agency that he ran into the ground. He popped pills and was an alcoholic.
Michael Fitzgerald, Brian Cook
Brian Cook
John Malkovich, Prunella Scales, Jim Davidson, Leslie Phillips
February / March 2004

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