Camera Trap (2013)

In an unexplored mountain range a seasoned wildlife film crew (armed with the latest in thermal imaging) pursue local sightings of a rare Amur leopard in territory recently exposed by the receding permafrost. Isolated and vulnerable, what the team capture on camera is something far more terrifying and dangerous than any of them could have expected.
Jason Newmark, Steve Christian, Vanessa Tovell
Alex Verner
Ana Ularu, Mark Bonnar, Ross Marquand
January / February 2013

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Tholt-Y-Will Glen

Tholt y Will Glen, A14, Isle of Man

Tholt-y-Will Glen is near the Sulby Reservoir. It is a deep glen with steep sides and winding paths. There is a waterfall and riverside paths. A centre offering Manx craft…

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Axnfell Plantation

Axnfell Plantation, Isle of Man

Axnfell is on the steep north facing slopes of Glen Roy. It has an area of 36 hectares. It was planted in the years 1951, 1967 and 1985, the main…

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