Best, starring John Lynch as George Best

Best (1999)

By 1994, BEST is earning his living from the birdseed of nostalgia. With his cohort, Rodney Marsh, he travels to Belfast to perform in a ‘Peep show’ at a seedy venue purporting to be the AGM of the local Manchester United supporters club. The gig is a drunken and riotous mess. When Mary his lover, finally contacts BEST on this immemorable but memorable evening, he is asleep, dreaming of younger days and in particular of Matt Busby, his former boss and mentor at Manchester United. Mary tells him that Busby died the night before. There is a funeral to go and a journey to make.
Mary McGuckian, John Lynch, Chris Roff
Mary McGuckian
John Lynch, Ian Bannen, Patsy Kensit, Jerome Flynn, Stephen Fry
February / March 1999

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